" Fire is a bad master but a good servant"

Finish proverb


GIFF S.A. (Gestão Integrada de Fogos Florestais S.A. - Integrated fire management S.A.)


Integrated Fire Management S.A. (GIFF S.A.) is a private company created on the year of 2008 to assist land owners on the management and mitigation of unplanned fires. Part of the activity of the company consists of planning and conducting prescribed fires, planning fuels management at a strategic level, wildfire analysis and suppression with the use of fire and training of land managers and operationals. The team is constituted by professional fire managers with more than 15 years of expertise on prescribed burning and wildfire analysis, management and suppression. Taking advantage of this knowledge, a realistic and objective approach to risk management and potential fire behavior is given to land owners. Research and development of objective aimed solutions is also part of our goal with the development of specific tools to assist land managers and fire suppression teams.